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Birthdate:May 17
This is a roleplay journal for Galatea from DCAU's Justice League Unlimited.

Character Name ♦ Galatea
Character CanonDCAU: Justice League Unlimited
Character Timeline ♦ during her fight with Supergirl on The Watchtower
Extra Details (a brief description of your AU, game, etc) ♦ Galatea is the Cadmus-made clone of Supergirl in the DCAU (like the DCAU version of Superboy). She has been aged to her physical prime so she is older-looking and has honed all of the physical abilities she possesses.

Appearance:Picture here Galatea is blonde with blue eyes and her hair is cut into a bob around her chin. She’s not the tallest girl around, but at 5’7”/5’8” she’s tall enough. And she tends to wear heels so she looks even taller. Her clothes tend to be skintight and just a little on the side of revealing.

Contact Info
Player ♦ Kathrine
Email ♦ spkathrine[at] ♦ split_persona02[at]
IM ♦ spkathrine (googletalk)
Contact PostHMD
Time Zone ♦ EST (GMT -5:00)

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